About ADP

AHEAD of its registration and the National Convention, the new Mega party, Action Democratic Party, ADP has zoned the positions of National Working Committee, NWC and that of the National Executive Committee to various geo-political zones of the country. According to the document released by the new party, the National Chairmanship position has been zoned to North Central; South west gets Deputy National Chairman; South East, National Secretary; National Organising for North West, South East gets National Legal Adviser, and South South gets National Treasurer.

The new party has made provision for two zones to produce the positions of Deputy National Chairmen as it was during the early days of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, just as a new office, National Diaspora Adviser which has never existed in PDP and the All Progressives Congress, APC has been created by the Mega Party. According to the breakdown, North Central has the National Welfare Secretary; National Vice Chairman; Vice National Organising Secretary; Deputy National Woman Leader; Assistant National Secretary; Deputy National Treasurer; National Vice woman leader; National Vice Youth Leader and Ex-Official (2.Male, 1 Female).

The North West aside the position of National Organising Secretary, has the positions of National Woman leader; National Vice Chairman; Vice Publicity Secretary; Deputy National Secretary; Deputy National Youth Leader; Deputy National Welfare Secretary; National Vice Woman Leader and Ex-Officio(2.Male,1 Female).

The allocation also shows that the North East has the positions of Deputy National Chairman; National Vice Chairman; National Auditor; Deputy National Financial Secretary; National Vice Woman Leader; National Vice Youth leader and Ex- Officio(2.Male, 1 Female).

ADP Core Values


a true and viable social democratic system; an ALL-inclusive governance style, devoid of tribal, gender or sectional considerations, in order to decisively deal with all socio – economic vices, setting in motion a sequence for a New Nigeria, the Nigeria of our dreams from rhetoric to ACTION


PEOPLE as the main and prime resource of the Nation. And complement with strong structures and institutions devoid of personal interests and considerations, where the common good is paramount and supreme.


Sustainable innovations, technological advancements, economic regeneration platforms, industrialization, entrepreneurship, due consideration and premium for education and scientific discoveries

Our Constitution

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This Constitution shall be supreme..

Manifesto of ADP Party

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This is the manifesto of ADP Party.

The people you see in Nigeria today have always lived as neighbors in the same space for as long as we can remember. So it's a matter of settling down, lowering the rhetoric, the level of hostility in the rhetoric is too high.

- Chinua Achebe